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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy cured me of PTSD, I discovered how simple life could be. I’m now thoroughly enjoying helping people to lay down their load. The sessions take you into deep relaxation, from here issues that can be addressed include anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, IBS, confidence building. Free CD and while I'm completing my studies FREE RELAXATION SESSIONS in Bath and Bristol, UK. 

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I am a student at the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy training center in Bristol where I'm studying to become a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

This course brings together the best in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with brain based therapy (CBT), and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), while always integrating the latest research into neuroscience.

I offer FREE RELAXATION SESSIONS in the UK in Bath and Bristol.

I also put up regular posts to support you to understand how to nourish your neurons!

My Background

I trained as a coach with the MOE Foundation, which is accredited by the Association for Coaching, the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Portsmouth University Business School. Prior to this I worked in sustainability in a number of roles which included mentoring and research.






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Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training

CPHT is probably the most practical course in the country. We encourage our students to start practising from the first two days of the course onwards. CPHT graduates are able to help people in the clinical and medical areas of depression and anxiety. CPHT is recognised as the most ‘up to date’ course. We take a great deal of notice of research and neuroscience in combination with the very best of Solution Focused techniques, Brain based Therapy, CBT and NLP along with common sense and experience. We also have our own Research Programme running to gather evidence of client outcomes.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)

The HPD Course is of approximately 120 hours duration of classroom study plus practice between sessions and required reading over a period of 10 months. Successful graduation leads to a full Diploma qualification (DSFH) and the nationally accredited (NCFE) Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). Students are assessed throughout their training.

At the end of the studies students are asked to submit a portfolio, compiled throughout the training, for assessment both within CPHT and externally leading to the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). HPD has been accredited by the NCFE as having measurable learning outcomes that have been benchmarked at Level 4 using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptions. .



Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows positive changes into your life in a short space of time...and it all begins with relaxation.

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