For our times?

The Ayurvedic health care system is over 5000 years old and developed in India. It is rooted in the science of the Vedas and at various points in history this systemic, holistic approach to health has been forced into decline, as Indian culture became invaded by different power structures. This included British rule when the enlightenment mind set was not able to recognise the power of this system.

However Ayurveda has been making a come back today, as our culture starts to value again the energetic holistic underpinnings of this approach to health.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a sustainable approach to health care, offering a guide for taking care of the life force which underpins our body and mind, at the same time as offering us a natural approach to healing many of todays health concerns at the physical level.

While Ayurveda recognises and utilises the biological and chemical approaches to health, it is rooted in a subtler understanding that recognises all disease ultimately comes from imbalance in the mind, which makes us susceptible to illness. The mind is viewed as underpinning our existence, along with  the subtler forces of our constitution that our microscopes don’t, as yet, pick up.

Ayurveda gives us a view of the world that heals our minds and bodies while connecting us back to nature, treating the person who has a disease rather than just the disease, and gives us the understanding to create the conditions for vibrant health in our mind and body.

As we address the root of illness rather than the symptoms, the symptoms in many cases fall away, and we learn how to create the conditions for good health to naturally occur. This involves coming back into balance, with ourselves and our environments – with nature.