I became interested in Ayurveda after I healed a 15 year irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal permeability condition that had led to a number of allergies and malabsorption. It took only 3 months for all symptoms to clear up, and they have not returned.

I went on to train with the American Institute of Vedic Studies, with one to one tuition across 3 years, while supporing many case studies.

I have created a website that supports a book I have written called Your Peaceful Belly, which will be published spring 2019.

Here are a range of options through which I can support you.

If you are experiencing financial challenges in relation to basic outgoings take a look at my Giving Back page.

I offer a FREE 15 minute initial telephone call for you to discover if Ayurveda is the right way forward for you – 07923 241 950.

Indepth Consultation

The consultation lasts for 90 minutes. I’ll help you understand your Ayurvedic constitution, how to recognise when you’re compromising your health and what to do about it. We will create a 3 month action plan to suit your circumstances. Cost £120 in Bath, £150 in London.

Ayurveda Friends

This is a fun opportunity to learn about Ayurveda with your friends, in the comfort of your own home. Prior to this there is a quiz that you can do over on the Peaceful Belly website that we will use as a starting point to look at your Ayurvedic constitution. This workshop is a great way to move through everything I offer in the 90 minute consultation, while keeping the cost down. Cost £40 per person in London, £60 per person in London. Minimum 5 people.

Ayurvedic Coaching

I bring together my experience as a Performance Coach with my knowledge of Ayurveda in a 40 minute coaching session. This is a great session for anyone who knows what they want to do, but needs support to make the necessary life changes. This can be useful as a follow-up after the consultation, or for anyone who has read a book and has a rough idea about what they are tryng to achieve, but is struggling to make the changes. Cost £45 in Bath, £75 in London

Ayurvedic Supported Cleanse

This is a supported 5 day cleanse. The first day is to prepare you for the main cleanse which lasts 3 days, while the last day is to reorientate you back to your normal routines. The Ayurvedic Supported Cleanse includes:

  • 90 consultation in your home
  • Kitchari making lesson
  • All ingredients you need for the cleanse
  • Daily facebook or telephone chat

During the consultation you will  recieve a one to one cookery lesson from me, to ensure you feel confident with what you are eating on the cleanse. Yes you get to eat! kitchari or mung broth are consumed during an Ayurvedic cleanse. This allows your body the nourishment it needs while detoxing, and maintains blood sugar levels. When our blood sugar levels become erratic this creates stress which leads to toxins and weight gain. Cost £180 in Bath, £210 in London.

Gift Vouchers

I can provide gift vouchers for any amount, just ring to discuss where you would like them sent and the amount, or email details.

3 Month Total Life Change

This is for anyone who wants to really change their life. I bring together my knowledge of Ayurveda, with my Coaching and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy skills. This package includes an Initial Consultation, food plans, a 3 month action spreadsheet, recipes, weekly hypnotherapy session to help make the changes, and a weekly coaching session.

I work with people who really want to benefit from an Ayurvedic approach to their life. This package is an investment in your health, and gives you all you need to create your own preventative health care plan with Ayurveda:

  • A 2 hour Initial Consultation
  • 3 month action plan
  • 3 cookery lessons
  • weekly coaching session
  • weekly hypnotherapy session to help with behaviour change
  • meal  plans

Over the course of the 3 months you will learn:

  • how to care for youself with Ayurveda
  • how to apply Ayurvedic principles to the food you want to eat
  • how to support your digestion
  • how to release stored up toxins
  • how to relieve anxiety and stress
  • a number of Ayurvedic therapeutic practices
  • how to create a balanced mind and body

This is a 3 month emersion in Ayurveda with one to one support, and the added benefit of receiving Solution focused Hypnothearpy sessions, to allow the changes you are making for your health to be an easy, relaxed and enjoyable experience.

There is a deposit of £150 required, with £450 due at the Initial Consultation, and a further two monthly payments of £450. If you pay the whole amount up front there is a  20% reduction.


I can bring together an Ayurvedic approach to life and diet with Solution Focused hypnotherapy weekly sessions, to support you to make the necessary life changes and reduce the stress levels that underpin the digestive problems.

I suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut and a progressive number of allergies and other symptoms over a 15 year period. A 3 month Ayurvedic healing approach is all it took to heal this. A course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy cured me of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that had been the cause of the digestive challenges and subsequent related symptoms. High stress levels are a cause of digestive complaints.

An initial consultation lasting for 50 minutes costs £60 in Bath and £90 in London. You will come away from this with an overview of the Ayurvedic approach through food and lifestyle choices, appropriate for your constitution and level of health. If you felt you would benefit from more support this could be through the Ayurvedic coaching sessions or for high stress levels through Solution focused Hypnotherapy sessions. You can learn more about this work here.