When you change your thoughts you can change your life, but this isn’t just about positive thinking. While developing positive neurological pathways is helpful, on its own this rarely brings deep change. We need to to access and change the habitual thought patterns that exist at a subconscious level, which are preventing you from functioning at your best. With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I can support you to change subconscious  negative patterns that are hindering your life.

To do things well you need to operate from the part of the brain that allows you to be reflective, positive, mindful and innovative. We are all capable of putting on a persona that demonstrates these qualities, but to authentically engage from this part of the brain, stress levels have to be low.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can both reduce stress levels to support you to operate from the positive, reflective, mindful, innovative part of your brain, and rewire the subconscious neuronal pathways that enable change to occur. The result is a feeling of well-being, and doing things well.

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