I offer a programme of 8 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions to two people each week on a donation basis, and to two people each week at the reduced rate of £25 per session, who can commit to listening to the relaxation mp3 each night when going to sleep and the 8 consecutive weekly sessions.

It takes 8-12 weeks to produce good results, and consistency in working with your brains neurological hardware is important for this. If you needed 12 sessions they would continue at the same price. These opportunities become available every 8 weeks, so if you are having financial struggles that make it a challenge for you to  meet basic outgoings, please do get in touch.

I also offer sessions for reducing stress levels to NHS workers and teachers at the reduced rate of £30 per session instead of £60, where finance is an obstacle. This is to support those who are themselves the support to so many.