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I offer a programme of 8 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions to two people each week on a donation basis, and to two people each week at the reduced rate of £25-£50 per session – you choose, who can commit to listening to the relaxation mp3 each night when going to sleep and the 8 consecutive weekly sessions.

It takes 8-12 weeks to produce good results, and consistency in working with your brains neurological hardware is important for this. These opportunities become available every 8 weeks, so if you are having financial struggles that make it a challenge for you to  meet basic outgoings, please do get in touch.

I also offer the 8 week programme for reducing stress levels to worker in the NHS at a 50% reduction, this brings the cost down to £25 per session.

For Ayurveda I offer a a series of 3 coaching sessions to two people each week at £25 per session, and on a donation basis to one person each week. These opportunities become available every 3 weeks and I operate a waiting list.