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As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I support my clients to reduce stress, along with the suffering and symptoms it causes.

Sometimes our stress bucket becomes too full, when this happens to a lesser or greater degree we operate from the primitive part of the brain, which always comes from a remit of either, anxiety, anger, negativity, depression, obsession, or hypervigilence.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy supports you to empty the stress bucket so that you can operate from the part of your brain that allows you to think, act and interact positively, while supporting the growth of those neuronal pathways that will allow your brain to become a map of the future instead of a map of the past.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on the present, the preferred future and the solutions, as we change the subconscious patterns that drive your experiences. I can help you improve your skills, change unhelpful habits and achieve goals.

For private one to one clients I offer a FREE Initial Consultation where we can discuss your situation and how SFH can support you, currently working from the centre of Bath. For organisations I work within the UK.

Organisations and Community Groups

After taking part in the first Theory ULab in 2015 I decided to retrain, using the U process to move forward. I am currently moving through the 2018 intake, feeling into how I can best bring Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Performance Coaching into Businesses and community projects, in order to support teams of people by addressing individual stress levels, and behaviour patterns that undermine their aims, while supporting enhanced performance.

This is the moment when what we need most is enough people with the skill, heart, and wisdom to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of breakdown and onto a different path.”: Otto Scharmer


I work as an Ayurvedic Therapist, with a specialism in supporting people to make food and life choices that will support them to create the conditions for good health. You can find out more about this work under the Ayurveda heading in the main menu.