Sunday 20th May at 2 pm

These workshops take place at The Practice Rooms in Bath and last for 90 minutes. You learn in a fun way what is happening in the brain when you feel stressed, and what to do about it. Bring a blanket, yoga mat and cushion so that you can really enjoy the part where I take you into trance, in order to empty your stress bucket. Trance is a normal state that we go in and out of every day when we are relaxed in a focused way. This process allows you to quickly shift into a relaxed state. The trance state is not the same as the stage act hypnotists perform – you are in control at every point!

The charge is £25 per person, £15 for students.

I can also come to  you if you have a group of 5-8 people and a room large enough for everyone to lie down  in.

To book a place ring Lucy on 07923 241 950 or email me at