Need To Reduce Stress?

Are your life, work or relationships undermined by stress? Has sleep become a problem? Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help.

Chronic stress has been shown to be the underlying cause of many illnesses, often preventing healthy sleeping patterns and causing us to operate from the primitive brain, which always operates from a remit of negativity, anxiety, anger, hyper-vigilance and depression, or a combination of these.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy significantly reduces your stress levels and relieves you of the suffering stress causes.

When I arrived for my first appointment my stress levels were high, I rarely slept well. My life was feeling out of control as I moved between depression, anxiety and anger. After two sessions a regular sleep pattern returned and at the end of 8 weeks I didn’t feel the need for more sessions. These sessions gave me the opportunity to find an oasis of peace each week, and find my own way forward.

The sessions with Lucy turned my life from one where I was starting to feel miserable and out of control to one where I found peace again.

I hadn’t realised how stressed I had become, I came to see Lucy to help me manage the grief I was moving through, I still had to travel the journey of grief but the sessions with Lucy meant I didn’t suffer from my suffering, I managed to get off the sofa for the first time in 2 years and put my life back together again.