“I first began seeing Lucy for hypnotherapy in Spring 2018. At the time my anxiety was sky high. I was grieving for my brother and I was feeling utterly overwhelmed and unable to deal with anything most days. I was in a constant state of panic & anxiety until I crashed and then I was left feeling suicidal and totally exhausted. The suicidal thoughts were taking over and it just seemed it would be easier not to exist anymore. Lucy was so calm and caring from the moment we met. Despite having to deal with my tearful and sometimes angry self. Lucy’s approach and the hypnotherapy has completely changed my life and I have begun to be able to look forward. I have begun exercising again. I have gone back to my creative work and I’m even finding some joy. Lucy is nurturing in such a grounded and honest way. It’s such a part of her being to be empathic and compassionate and these abilities shine through her sessions. The scripts that I listen to at night have meant that I could also get relief away from the therapy room and begin to understand that I now had tools to get myself out of the panic state and back to some self nurturing. My sleep improved vastly which in turn meant I felt rested after a nights sleep instead of still exhausted. I would definitely recommend Lucy for her calm, compassionate and effective Hypnotherapy.”

The relaxation therapy I had with Lucy cleared away old trauma and moved me forward in all areas, I now sleep better and look forward with optimism and brightness

A blissful hour of relaxation with the added bonus of learning new ways of behaviour without the effort!”

I had 5 sessions with Lucy and I’m on fire!

I have been to councelling with and without my partner and spent hundreds and our session yesterday was more enlightening/helpful and simple than any other way.”

The sessions with Lucy helped me create my way forward and undo some deep, old conditioned patterns, so I couldn’t recommend her enough!

I came to Lucy with extreme fear, I had tried other therapies but never managed to have a break through with my own mind, but I had a real breakthrough with this therapy and moved on in my life, and it just seemed to happen all by itself!

The sessions allowed me to stop and reset myself, and my goals became achievable.

The sessions I had with Lucy moved me from surviving to thriving, and gave me back my self-esteem and confidence.

“I’ve had the opportunity of 12 weeks of treatment with Lucy Fleetwood of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I’m not someone who would ordinarily do something like this but 6 months later I still listen to my mp3 every night and it empties my stress bucket and puts me into a proper deep sleep – I hadn’t been sleeping due to anxiety. Overall I’m experiencing good quality sleep now, a lowering of anxiety, a positive outlook and a supportive mental attitude. I am so happy with the outcomes after years of struggling it has been life changing.”

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